What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is approaching being passe but it is still interesting to me that the term has varying meanings depending on who you ask.  I found this today on the new Microsoft World Wide Telescope website:

“Web 2.0 is the next generation of the World Wide Web wherein technologies and social practices use metadata or tags to enable communication and resource sharing in a variety of forms (text, audio, video, links, etc.) through the Web without a centralized authority’s intervention or approval. Rich visualization software provides a graphical visualization of large structured data sets. The software’s interactive graphical user interface provides users with a more data-rich presentation of the data and enables them to explore, filter, analyze, and interact with the data, resulting in a better understanding of that data.”

From this page: http://www.worldwidetelescope.org/whatIs/whatIsWWT.aspx

Thank you Microsoft.

Others of course claim that Web 2.0 does not really exist and still others claim that it has to do with the social web rather than the commercial web that pre-dated the dot-com bust.

For me Web 2.0 is all about data driven websites.  Interactive sites that allow you, as the user, to log in and customize your interaction with the site in some way, or give and receive data with the site.  Social networks, blogs and wikis are all examples of this kind of interactive web.  I distinguish Web 2.0 sites from the old HTML sites that gave info and left it at that.  Looking back in time, using the Wayback Machine for example, it is interesting to see web sites from the 90’s that have static front pages providing info on a company or brand and that offer no way to join or get more info beyond what the webmaster chose to put there. Hard to imagine now.

Web 3.0, if there ever is such a thing, will likely be an extension of the web 2.0 data model where data from diverse sites will begin to come together using tags across sites or by linking user profiles across sites.  Somehow the various stores of data will be connected and manipulated by users in ways that the data can not right now because it is tied to one domain or one company.

We’ll see.


~ by mcglaysia on May 15, 2008.

5 Responses to “What is Web 2.0?”

  1. Interestingly, a while back I shared with Warlick and others that a student had said to me that he hated the term Web 2.0. After hearing that and talking with him I realized…all of this particpatory web is not 2.0 to teens…it’s essentially always been this way. It’s 1.0 as far as they are concerned. It’s The Web.

  2. It’s the Web as far as they are concerned for the moment. That is one of the fundamental issues I see with the students I work. Much in life is all about them for the moment. There is little sense of community and place.

    Part of my job as an educator needs to be about placing what they know in a context, showing them their place within a community and allowing them to take it. Perhaps part of that is not only teaching with current technological tools but teaching how those tools fit within the context of learning. That no, it hasn’t always been this way and it won’t always be this way. And that others use different ways…

    …good things to think on. I’m liking it.

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